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For a bunch of years now, Christopher D. Abbott has been writing new Sherlock Holmes stories, and last year, he put out a collection of novelettes by himself, Aaron Rosenberg, and Michael Jan Friedman called Cases by Candlelight. In July 2023, we’ll get Volume 2 of…


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My friend Michael Jan Friedman is causing mischief. You know…again. Among the various successful crowdfunding efforts he’s shepherded in recent years is a pair of anthologies focusing on a shared-world he created, Pangaea. The first anthology debuted back in 2015, featuring stories by Michael Burstein, Adam-Troy Castro, Russ Colchamiro, Peter David, Michael Jan…

“Amazon Hot New Releases Number 1” From the award winning author of Sir Laurence Dies comes this epic Ancient Egyptian fantasy tale, the 3rd book in his Osirian series. Beware of your choices, Sam… When Melrah fails to return from a scouting mission at the Blackenridge border, Goddess Neith dispatches Sam and Akhet to learn […]

One of the Daughter’s of Ra… Sekhmet (Sakhmet). The most loyal of all his children. His eye, his soul, his anger, personified in a terrible beauty… As Ra’s rule on the earth ended, he sent Sekhmet to destroy those mortals who conspired against him. Sekhmet’s blood-lust was not quelled at the end of the battle […]

Neith was an early ancient Egyptian deity who was said tobe the first and the prime creator. It is suggested she created the universe and all it contains and she governs how it functions, although powerful, she is not a member of the Ardunadine race, rather a primal Osirian and because of that, she has […]

Book 1: Songs of the Osirian [Aug, 20th, 2016] Book 2: Rise of the Jackal King [Sep 28th, 2017] Book 3: Title TBC [2019] – #Indiegogo Pre-Order Songs of the Osirian: Is a series of books chronicling the struggles of extra-terrestrial entity Gods, who protect mankind from a greater being, known as Beast. Songs of […]

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It’s been a while since I updated my blog, bad me! I’m working hard on my latest book, which is book 2 of the Songs of the Osirian series. Very happy with the progress, and with the pacing in the book. Since the first book was published, I’ve had a lot of interest in it, and with […]

The Unmaking Engine is finished, the final edits are being put in place and it will be published on Amazon 30th September. Warm up your Kindles and your Kindle apps. The print version is next on my… Source: Book 2 now available for pre-order! Here’s Chapter 1.

Sorry for the long delay in updating you all on my projects and stuff! Had quite a packed number of months, since the Songs of the Osirian was published.   I’ve spent a lot of time working on promotions on social media, and networking at events. It was an amazing experience attending Terrificon and networking with other authors […]

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