I believe in the future.

Greetings, friends.

I haven’t used this blog in a while, which is terrible, but I’m resurrecting this old favourite for some updates.

My productivity last year hit a record low and I did very little to bolster my fledgling writing business to such a point I lost interest in it entirely. I had no enthusiasm. My books were not doing anywhere near as well as they were the year before. I felt daunted and defeated as my dream of becoming a full-time writer slipped from my fingers. My peers and friends were releasing new works – seemingly – every month, and there I was, pondering the choice I’d made to write … and then something happened.

I had a meeting with my tax advisor, Sally Rothenhaus, and she reminded me of a few things. She engaged me in the topic of writing and instantly I responded … that’s when I realised the spark was still there. Later that month, a few friends had submitted some work to a press in London, Media Bitch Literary Agency, for an anthology they were putting together, and they encouraged me to submit something. I did. A story called Songs of Beast. It was published by Keith Chawgo and my first work of 2016 was available for people to see. Then something extraordinary happened. I was so taken by the Beast story (a short of 18k words) that I found I could think of nothing else. I sat down and began developing it into a much larger concept. Initially, I had the idea of a series of quest-like novellas – fantasy genre – and each would have a theme, but as I developed the novella, I realised it was going to be larger … much larger. Six weeks later I had a first draft of an 85k book.

My trusted friend and artist, Richard Sutton, began playing around with concepts and it wasn’t long before he had worked his magic again. I’d worked closely with Patti Geesey, my editor, who understands my process better than anyone, when I wrote Dr Chandrix Dies. I knew I wanted her involvement from day one and Patti assisted in development from draft to draft. It was about this time that I made a bold move and contacted someone I’d met a couple of times, to see if she would be willing to write me a foreword. That was Chase Masterson, who some will know as Leeta from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, or as Vienna on Big Finish audio. She agreed. Let me tell you something about Chase. She is a remarkable woman. Not only is she an accomplished actress and musician, but also an eloquent and intelligent public speaker. Chase is passionate about her fans and equally as passionate about her charity work. As we’ve worked together, grabbing fleeting contact where possible (this lady never stops working), she has inspired me more than she may realise. I consider her a good friend.

Since being involved with some of Chase’s projects, I’ve come to understand the depth to which she goes and also the sacrifices she makes – not simply to her charity, which is a part of who she is – but for her loyal fans who she approaches with a hug and an ear. Through her, I have met and corresponded with some remarkable people, and also other actors such as Aron Eisenburg (Nog from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) a delightfully intelligent and caring man who gives his fans a personal attention on social media platforms, far beyond that of others.

Our world is in turmoil right now. Every country seems to be facing some terrible situation, whether it be political or otherwise. We can so easily succumb to fear and let it drive us to make poor decisions and choices, but I choose to believe in a future where we transcend that. When you meet someone like Chase, you can believe that it is possible.

Songs of the Osirian essentially deals with these world issues, but in a fictional way. It is a familiar story of adversity and uncertainty, of the strong taking advantage of the weak, but also of courage, love, and hope for a brighter future free from the influences of evil, perceived or otherwise. My hope is that those who read the tale – a fantasy world mixed of Ancient Egyptian mythology and human emotional struggles – may see some of the Star Trek ideology hidden within its pages, an ideology I believe wholeheartedly we may reach in the fullness of time.


So my thanks to Sally, Richard, Patti, KeithChase, and Aron – and of course, my father, Phil Abbott, who works tirelessly behind the scenes on my website.

I believe in the future …

Songs of the Osirian will be published in July.

Best wishes,





  1. Inspiring post, Chris, and thanks for your kind words. I’m very proud to be able to contribute to your work. I also think that doom and gloom has consumed enough of our waking hours for some time. We can turn our energy towards making the future we desire become a reality. I won’t let the mistakes and evil of the past lock me into a box.

    1. It’s so easy to sink into a pit of despair, isn’t it? I am a positive thinker, albeit a little naive at times. Still … I’ve made a conscious effort to see the good around me, and try to cling to it, even when it seems hopeless. 🙂

  2. […] Source: I believe in the future. […]

  3. All the best for your project!

    1. Thank you so much 🙂

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