Unnamed Stranger

Some people missed this, so I’m reblogging it.

Christopher D. Abbott

Unnamed Stranger


Christopher D. Abbott

It was October 1999. The flight from Heathrow was long but uneventful. After 8 hours or so, I arrived at JFK airport and found myself in another world. Checking into the country was painful. We were all seat-sore. 8 hours is a long time confined to one seat and after the exodus from the plane, we were herded into a large bottleneck of yellow lines and cordoned off queuing areas, making some of the distinctly agitated passenger equally more uncomfortable. Slowly we all shuffled forward towards the waiting area. When I found myself able to get up to a booth, excitement over came me. As if anticipating my eagerness, an armed officer appeared shouting at me to “get behind the line” I might add at this point that I looked down indifferently at the 2 millimetres or so I was actually over the yellow…

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