It’s been an interesting weekend….

Well… It has been a very interesting weekend for me watching the download numbers across the world click up, and being humbled by the number of people who now have a copy of my book. Let me just reflect on that for just a moment. When I tell you the figures, you might think, well that’s not a lot, and to some that might be true.

This is my first book. I haven’t gone down a traditional route with it, nor have I seriously submitted it to a publisher or tried to find an agent. It is what it is. I worked hard on it, I had it professionally edited and I had a professional cover made for it, but it hasn’t been creatively critiqued in depth by anyone.

So let me give you some statistics. I realise there is still time to go, and these numbers may fluctuate slightly, but I’m exhausted and am heading for my bed soon.

The 2 highest downloads by far were in the USA and the UK

 On 324 downloaded – Putting my book No.3 in the (Free) British Detective category

On 181 downloaded – Putting my book No.2 in the (Free) British Detective category

In Germany ( 12 books downloaded

In France ( 1 book downloaded

In Italy ( 1 book downloaded

And in Canada ( 4 books downloaded

That total of 523 books really stunned me.

I now have positive proof that Facebook marketing (which really IS the only marketing I’ve done for my book) has had a positive impact on this campaign. My hope now is, that some of those people read it, and hopefully write me a review.

Now I can start to work on building the sales. It will take time, and once the printed version is available I’ll have another campaign to start. But for now, I have some 500+ people out there who have downloaded my book.

That it is out there around the world, is still a pretty amazing thing!




  1. Congratulations Christopher. That’s a nice tally. 🙂

  2. Carol Mancini · · Reply

    I have read the book and it was a great mystery story. I had it figured out all wrong as I was reading it. The ending surprised me! I highly recommend this book even if you don’t think you’d enjoy a mystery. Great book! Congratulations, Chris.

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